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By the time Hashirama had noticed Tobirama aim right for Izuna, is was too late. He was no match for the hiraishin, and he couldn't help but notice the glee on his brother's face as he landed that hit on the other. That unnerved him, obviously, and irritated him as well because-- well. He had to quell those emotions for now. Tobirama only saw the other as the enemy. Whatever hope there was was between himself and Madara. ...And Hashirama could tell that Madara had not given up entirely. He had no proof, but he had a gut feeling about it. That, and he had never lost grip of that dream he still held on so tightly to. 

And now, the man standing before him was Uchiha Madara, and Hashirama did not want to fight him. If he did, he would hold back, and if he held back, he would be insulting the other. "Madara..." Perhaps he would try again. "You can't win against me. Let's..." He eyed Izuna, bleeding profusely at the other's side. Damn it, Tobirama! "Let's end this."

Memories of two flattened stones reaching the other side of the river came to him, and he met the other's eyes. Madara had once said that things would be better if shinobi faced each other with nothing to hide. They weren't bumping fists right now, so all Hashirama could do was to let Madara search his resolve in his eyes.

"If the greatest shinobi, the Senju and Uchiha, join forces, then countries will stop sending other shinobi clans to take us on... And eventually, the fighting will stop." Hashirama's hand extended once more in a peace offering. "Come. Let's end this here..."

[ooc: lmao so I er, went back and looked at this particular scene and literally made him say the exact thing fff |8< I'm sorry if it sucks! ]

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